čtvrtek 7. července 2011

Sorry :))

Hi !!!
Holiday started and I started rest :D
So, I didn't write the blog. Tomorrow I starting write regular ;) 

úterý 21. června 2011

my god !!!

Hi :)
I'm so sorry again !! School is ends and I have so much tests !!!!
I'm impossible !!!!
I hope that on Thursday I make every articles which I promised :)
A smile costs nothing, but many do ^^


čtvrtek 16. června 2011


Hi :)
A am so sorry ! A have more learning theese day and I don't have time for my blog :(
However I plan make "memories". Articles about my holiday in Egypt before 1 mount :))
What new with you ? ^^
me :)
friend ^^


čtvrtek 9. června 2011

work, friend, diet

Hi :)))
Today I get work in The chocolate museum !!! I'm so happy, but I find that in The chocolate museum working my friend. I and she not talking too much together :/ But work is work, money is money :))
I think that I must go to the diet :/ 
Starbucks ^^

pondělí 6. června 2011

Perfect day :))

Hi my darlings :)
Today was a perfect !!! In school, was everything ok :)
čj-2, history-1, ecology- 2-, aj-3 :)
After school I was whit my former best friend. We had an argument, but now it is again goodI hope that it will be even better than before ^^ 
we :]

An eye for an eye and the world will be blind

neděle 5. června 2011

Begining :]

Hi !
What do I do in perfect summer sunday ?
Sit home and studying :( My god! I want end of the school year !!!
What do you do ? Studying or some fun ? :))
This is me (: